The Dark Tower Scented Oils, 10 mL, Roland, Ed…

The Dark Tower Scented Oils, 10 mL, Roland, Eddie, Susannah, The Doors:


“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” –“The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger,” by Stephen King

The Dark Tower novel series was January 2018’s Patreon community project. We chose to create scents based on characters and objects in the novels. Artwork for the labels was commissioned and hand-drawn by @prismatic-bell; originals and prints are available on request (text-free).

  • Roland Deschain: The Gunslinger of the novels, his scent is a blend of rose, leather, gunpowder, and musk 
  • Eddie Dean: A recovering drug addict, woodcarver, and artist, his scent is a blend of rose, musk, moss, sandalwood, cedarwood, and lemon eucalyptus
  • Susannah Dean: Her happy ending is receiving a cup of hot chocolate sprinkled with nutmeg. Her scent has notes of chocolate and nutmeg, as well as rose for the ka’tet, musk, and moss
  • The Doors: there are multiple doors throughout the series, and this scent is meant to represent a wide selection of them, with a blend of woods, metals, and motor oil

Fragrances are diluted to skin-safe concentrations in fractionated coconut oil. No color is added to the oil. Bottles are 10 mL glass bottles with stainless steel roller balls in plastic casings.

As roller balls may leak in shipping, all bottles have the following safety precautions: roller balls are covered in teflon thread tape (non-adhesive), outer black plastic caps are sealed with electrical tape, bottles are shrink wrapped, and the sealed bottle is placed in a slim zip-top bag.

Scents are $4 each.